Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What is a Hip Replacement implant made of? Titanium?

Patients are often curious as to what hip replacement implants are made of. This is an important topic since there are certain materials that have proven to result in long-lasting, well functioning hip replacements. Patients often guess that the prosthesis is made of titanium and they are partially correct. Modern hip replacements generally do have at least some titanium parts. Hip replacements are usually made up of four component parts, each of which can be made of a different material.
1. Cup or Acetabular component - usually made of Titanium or Tantalum both of which are porous and integrate well with bone
2. Liner - Polyethylene which is very resistant to wear
3. Head or Ball - Ceramic heads are the best for longevity, Cobalt Chrome can also be used
4. Stem or Femoral prosthesis - Titanium or other porous or roughened metal that allows bone to attach

Here is a diagram:

Next we will discuss the use of bone cement in joint replacement surgery.

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